Festivalnieuws: Euroblast 2020 verplaatst naar 2021
Hughes Vanhoucke

Net als zoveel festivals heeft Euroblast, hét moderne en prog metal gebeuren in Europa, de duimen moeten leggen in het voordeel van iedereen. Euroblast ging dit jaar doorgaan tijdens het eerste weekend van oktober maar dat wordt nu verplaatst naar het eerste weekend van oktober 2021. Geen Zeal & Ardor, Plini, Dirty Loops, Hypno5e, … dus dit jaar in de Essigfabrik in Keulen.

Zo luidt de tekst die niet gepubliceerd werd door de organisatie: 

“There is no easy way to say this, but we have decided that the best thing for the artists, the crowd and for our team, is to postpone the 16th edition of Euroblast Festival 2020 to 2021! 

We waited as long as we could before making this tough decision, but we feel like it is the only one we could make.
Sure, the safety of our supporters and crew is our top priority, but we would be lying if we said that was the only reason. The truth is if the festival would even be allowed to happen this year – it would be with a limited capacity only, making this edition a complete financial disaster. Artist, venue and crew costs would not change. Not to mention we are not even sure if anyone can even travel here in October … it is just all too up in the air right now!

We want to keep on giving you the best vibes and the best Progressive music we can, but under these extraordinary, stressful and scary circumstances, it is just impossible. Since 2008, we’ve overcome so much diversity and dilemmas, but we always managed to keep our dates with you, the Euroblast Family, but this year it is just not going to happen. We can’t imagine going one entire year missing your wild and crazy faces, but it will make our reunion all that much better!

We will reunite September 30th – October 2nd 2021 in Cologne the latest.

Tickets will automatically roll over to next year, so you are automatically onboard for 2021. We will release more detailed information about tickets, refunds and how you can help us in the next days to come and also email all existing ticket holders directly.
We are MEGA gutted about this but also see this as a chance to make something special for you … and we are also working on a few ideas to bring you a little bit of Euroblast into your homes soon …

We will also host a postponement Q&A live stream on our Instagram profile @euroblast_official tomorrow Friday 29th of May at 8pm CET to answer all the questions you might have.”

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