Sabaton neemt afscheid van gitarist Thobbe Englund

Gitarist Thobbe Englund verlaat binnen afzienbare tijd Sabaton, zo laat de band weten. Englund trad in 2012 toe tot de formatie en stopt de samenwerking na vier jaar.

Het vertrek is niet onmiddellijk: de snarenplukker werkt de zomershows af en speelt zijn laatste optreden op Sabaton Open Air in Sabatons thuisbasis Falun. Daarna zoekt de band een nieuwe gitarist.

Thobbe kwam bij de formatie in 2012, toen vier van de zes bandleden Sabaton verlieten tussen de opname en release van Carolus Rex (die vier leden zouden later Civil War vormen). Thobbe speelde op de Carolus Rex-tour en nam twee albums op: Heroes (2014) en het te verschijnen The Last Stand. Zijn afscheid lees je onderaan dit bericht.

Dear friends!

Today I have decided to announce my leave from Sabaton.

Why? …many may ask.

– There is this thing that I truly believe in, and that is that one should always follow the heart.
I have in recent years become more aware of what would make me feel real happiness and content, and that is to expand my own creativeness in combination with a somewhat stiller life, where I will not tour all year round at the speed of light.

Unfortunately as a consequence I will not be able to meet all of you wonderful people out there, which is sad, and I´m really gonna miss you all.
But I will still be making music, of course, and as I am writing this I am making plans for the future.

During the many years of touring with Sabaton we have become like brothers.
Together with the best crew in the world we´ve had a true blast and there is a bond between all of us that cannot be broken.
Therefore I find no reason to be sentimental, because brothers and sisters are friends for life, and the future is bright!

Always yours truly.

Informatie over Thobbes laatste samenwerking met Sabaton vind je hieronder.

Sabaton The Last Stand
Nuclear Blast Records, 19 augustus 2016

  1. Sparta
  2. Last Dying Breath
  3. Blood of Bannockburn
  4. Diary of an Unknown Soldier
  5. The Lost Battalion
  6. Rorke’s Drift
  7. The Last Stand
  8. Hill 3234
  9. Shiroyama
  10. Winged Hussars
  11. The Last Battle

Sabaton - The Last Stand

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